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The hidden pitfalls of the JOBS Act

We are moving into a new, even more freewheeling, anything-goes economy. Ready to throw the dice and take your chances?
The JOBS Act passed the Senate last week and the House passed it on Tuesday, sending the bill to President Obama to sign. Ostensibly designed to make it easier for companies to raise capital, the act has some dangerous elements for both investors and taxpayers. To its credit, the SEC warned Congress of the risks in a letter from Chair Mary Schapiro. Not only will some who invest in private companies face more risk, public companies will now be riskier to invest in (and work for) too.  Read More

Apple is up one Amazon since Tim Cook’s toga party speech

“We’re not going to go have a toga party or do something outlandish, and so people don’t have to worry [the cash] is going to burn a hole in our pocket.” — Tim Cook Read More

Nike sues Reebok over Tebow apparel

Nike is suing rival Reebok for selling New York Jets uniforms and other Jets apparel with the name of its new quarterback Tim Tebow on them.
Nike (NKE, Fortune 500) says it is the only company authorized and licensed to use Tim Tebow’s name on clothing. Reebok, a unit of German sporting equipment and apparel-maker adidas (ADDDF), did not respond to requests for comment. Read More

CNN Poll: Obama leads Romney and Santorum in November showdowns

President Barack Obama holds a double-digit lead over GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in hypothetical general election matchups, according to a new poll. And a CNN/ORC International survey released Wednesday also indicates that the president’s approval rating has inched over the 50% mark in CNN surveys for the first time since last May, when the polls were still registering the after effects of the death of Osama bin Laden. The number of Americans who say the economy’s in good shape has jumped 13 points since January, though the survey shows a majority still think it is in poor shape. Read More

Mega Millions jackpot hits record $500 million

The jackpot in Friday’s Mega Millions lottery drawing has risen to an estimated $500 million, the largest in the game’s history, after Tuesday night’s drawing produced no jackpot-winning ticket.
The latest estimate, announced around midday Wednesday, is even larger than lottery officials had announced just hours earlier. The initial estimate for Friday’s drawing was $476 million, which also would have been a Mega Millions record.
Tuesday’s numbers were 9, 19, 34, 44 and 51, with a Mega Ball of 24. That drawing was for an estimated $363 million jackpot, which would have been the game’s third-largest.
Forty-seven tickets earned a pre-tax prize of at least $250,000 each by matching five numbers without matching the Mega Ball. Nine California winners will get $308,573 each because of parimutuel rules in that state. Read More

Why does a web host, blogging service provider, or search engine get DMCA takedown notices?

Many copyright claimants are making complaints under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Section 512(c)’s safe-harbor for hosts of “Information Residing on Systems or Networks At Direction of Users” or Section 512(d)’s safe-harbor for providers of “Information Location Tools.” These safe harbors give providers immunity from liability for users’ possible copyright infringement — if they “expeditiously” remove material when they get complaints. Whether or not the provider would have been liable for infringement by users’ materials it hosts or links to, the provider can avoid the possibility of a lawsuit for money damages by following the DMCA’s takedown procedure when it gets a complaint. The person whose information was removed can file a counter-notification if he or she believes the complaint was erroneous.

Social Media Statistics

A big home for all facts and figures around social media – because I’m fed up of trawling around for them and I’m also sure that I’m not the only one who gets asked ‘how many users does Facebook have?’ every hour of every day. It’s not the snazziest name for a project ever. Oh well.
I’m hoping that this wiki will not only include usage stats, but also behaviour and attitude stats. It’s a bit of a skeleton at the moment, with v few of my stats having stated sources, but be patient – and help where you can!
Please add in any juicy stats as you come across them, and do cite your references and link to them where possible.
It’s not just about the stats, we also need to measure the effect of these numbers – for all this, head over to MeasurementCamp. It’s awesome. It’s a big conversation about how we should measure the success of campaigns and how we can show things like ROI, or indeed if we even should! See Stats

Can Google Kill Search Spammers by the End of 2012?

Every few months, we hear about how Google or Bing have a new program or change in their search algorithm that will kill search spammers. These rumors and announcements have often had an effect but it has never been enough to really make an impact. The last two weeks, there have been signs that the latest changes may actually be working. Can they eliminate search spam altogether by the end of the year? Read More

Good Gaming Laptops

When you’re gaming, you can be off in your own (virtual) world, but sometimes, you want more companionship than the voices in your headset can provide. For that, you can pick up your laptop and join your real-world friends for some online fun.
PCMag analysts have given these six gaming laptops a rating of 3 to 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars, meaning they’re solid, though not spectacular, choices for when you’re hitting up a LAN party or are on a business trip but would rather be in SkyrimRead More

RapidShare Declared Legal In Court, With a Twist

A Higher Regional Court in Germany has ruled that file-hosting service RapidShare operates legally in Germany. The verdict is the result of a long-standing legal battle between the Swiss-based file-hosting service and music rights group GEMA. It’s not all good for RapidShare though, as the company now has to monitor external websites for incoming links to infringing files.Read More

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