C++ program "Rent for your entire life"

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

int main()

   int rent, years, age;
   float cost1, months, result1, result2, result3, result4, life;
   cout <<“plese enter your age:” << endl;
   cin >> age;

   cout << “plese enter the cost of your rent:” << endl;
   cin >> cost1;

   cout << “enter the number of months left in your lease, or mortgage:” <<endl;
   cin >> months;

   cout << “the amount you will pay over the remainder of your lease or mortgage is:”  << endl;
   result1 = cost1 * months;
   cout << result1 << endl;

   cout << “The average life expectancy is 78.1 years;” << endl;
   cout << “The average age of a first time home owner is currently 38 years old” << endl;
   cout << “The amount of money you will pay through out the rest of your life \n(estimated) is:” << endl;
   result3 = age -78.1;
   life = abs(result3);
   result4 = life * 12 * cost1;
   cout << result4 <<endl;

   cout << “Now you know how much money you are spending on living arrangements:”<<endl;
   system (“pause”);
   return 0;



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  1. Seems like a code that will work.



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