Creationism or Evolution

People have been debating for decades on how life on this earth started.  Many believe in what they read in books such as their bible, the one creator, which made all living things, GOD.  Others believe in actual evidence that they can see.  If you either believe that evolution is the process that all things sprung from, or that everything was created in GOD’s eyes, there is definitely some big controversy about the issue today. 
The basis of evolution solely relies on the findings from scientists, geologists, paleontologists, and many more.  These professionals perform research all over the world, document their findings, and publish them for everyone to see.  Comparing and contrasting their findings with other scientists to come up with general ideas about how things started here on earth.  These theories of evolution go back as far as the 1700’s.  Charles Darwin touches base on a few main topics discussed still even today regarding evolution and natural selection.  “In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment” (  His idea about natural selections states that there is three main principals that follow.  One is variation.   This is the process in which animals, plants, humans, etc., can adapt to their surroundings better than that of the next.   The second is heritability.  This is the known fact that children or offspring will inherit traits from a parent one way or another.  The last principal for natural selection is differential reproductive success.  This last idea delineates those better adapted animals, plants, organisms, etc., will generally produce more offspring, over future generations, than the less adapted.  This generally means more of the stronger and well adapted species.    Now putting an example of one of Darwin’s ideas to mind, you can think of the giraffe.  If over many years food was getting harder and harder to get, you might have to look in hard to reach places, such as the tops of trees.  Those giraffes whose necks were longer were able to survive longer than the other ones.  They are also able to feed their young longer, resulting in their offspring staying healthy, and being more reproductive, possibly passing those traits along to the next generation. 
When we hear the term Creationism, we automatically see the word create.  This is essentially what some people believe, that all living things were created by a GOD, or higher power.  This understanding about evolution is highly followed by those that are a strong religious background, and do not believe what scientific research can unveil, however; many of these men came from a religious background and were scientists. They just had a different understand of where it all began and how it changed.  Henry Morris, Ph.D. states, “They seem also to have been able to maintain a proper “scientific attitude,” for it was these men (Newton, Pasteur, Linnaeus, Faraday, Pascal, Lord Kelvin, Maxwell, Kepler, etc.) whose researches and analyses led to the very laws and concepts of science which brought about our modern scientific age”(  Keeping science and religion separate is a very difficult thing to do when you have been raised to believe in a certain GOD or higher power.  Even when there is evidence showing the path evolution took.
            Evolution is a scientific term.  It can be defined by a change in time of one or more inherited traits found in a population of individuals.  The term Creationism also has a definition.   It is the religious belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe are the creation of a supernatural being.  The difference in these two points is very clear, one provides scientific research, and the other is a belief that cannot be proven.  At the same time it can’t be proven wrong either, however; if there is scientific research that people have documented and that is on display in local museums, it’s kind of difficult not to believe it.  Evolution and science go by some of the following guidelines.  If you cannot observe, measure, or experimentally test it, then you cannot rule it out.  Since Creationism, a form of belief, about evolution, it is difficult to place the two in the same category to compare; they are both on opposite sides when debate comes down to statistics, research, and hard facts, because creationism has none, but a bible.  Some people may take the bible not to be entirely true and the book has been rewritten hundreds of times throughout its existence.
So facts are clear and beliefs can be believed or not believed.  This is what most scientists think then they are asked about evolution. Two terms come to mind creationism and evolution.  Both of these have similar ideas, but they are so both very different.  The concept that a species will strive for survival and pass along genetic traits to their offspring ensuring a strong species is evolution.  The idea that genetic traits are not passed along and that everything happens for a reason is creationism.  Whichever one people choose to believe, there is still much debate over what is entirely true today.

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